• Check out our contributors page for short bios, should you want some more info on where/why we’re writing. Each of us write on what’s roughly a six-week cycle, so that in all there’s one post every week.
  • Currently we’re a nine-month project, spanning September 2015 to June 2016. At that point, we might call it a day, extend The Kairos Journal for another year, or… who knows. Perhaps move to Uganda and work for a justice league there. Oh, wait somebody’s already about to do that, c.f. Keelia Riegg.
  • This project was originally envisioned as a conversation-starting space, so please talk to us about what we’ve written! Stop us on the way to class! Facebook us! We’d love to chat more about the questions that compel us as twenty-something year-olds still figuring God and life out.
  • We are all in some capacity or other alum of the Williams Telos, our college journal of Christian discourse. It’s served as a starting-point and inspiration for our work here! We ❤ the Telos.

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