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First off, I want to say thank you for having taken the time to read snippets of my thoughts over the last year. There are too many things to read these days and too many things telling us what to do, think, and feel. Some of those resonate with us, but many don’t. I hope some of what you’ve read here resonated with you, even if you’ve disagreed with some parts (or entire pieces!).

A memorable quote that comes to mind when I think about the question of why I wrote for the Kairos and for whom, is one from Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Actually, Miller quoted in his book from another book, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art (So meta!): “There is a force resisting the beautiful things in the world.”

A force resisting the beautiful things in the world. Like how road rage will always be a part of our lives. Like how I can’t seem to tell my dad how I increasingly marvel at his dedication and sacrifice for our family, even though we disagree on so many levels. Like how people turn beliefs into excuses for murder. I wanted to reflect on what these forces were in my life and fight them. I imagine (or more perhaps, hope) that I’ll be fighting these forces – which, more often than not, I’ve found to be within me – tooth and nail until the end.

On a related topic: when it comes to life’s difficulties, I think Christianity has a bad but often true reputation of sloppily prescribing and preaching answers into people’s lives. Yes, there are firm, fundamental truths that Christians believe and hope in, but the life-applications of those truths are so, so far from being black and white. The Christian faith is much more than mere dos and don’ts, yet we Christians are guilty of reinforcing that skewed perception by boiling our faith down to such things. I wanted to push back on this and share that for many people, faith is never the black and white, clear cut thing that it may seem on the surface. That it wasn’t meant to provide all the answers but was meant to provide assurance and hope. Is that frustrating? Sometimes absolutely yes, sometimes less so.

Where are the forces that resist the beautiful things in your life, and how will you respond? My hope is that someday you’ll come to consider faith as an important factor in answering that question.

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  1. Love these thoughts Caleb…


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