Monthly Archives: April 2016

Writing for/to love

It was a remarkable sensation to see ideas and words flowing so easily, as if they had always been there but had not been allowed expression. Meanwhile, I become more and more aware that for me writing is a very powerful way of concentrating and of clarifying for myself many thoughts and feelings. Once I […]

Photograph by Jamie Baik

Praying the anorexia away

Cover photograph by Jamie Baik She was sitting a few tables away from me. I’d seen her around, of course, because it was a small campus. We smiled at each other in recognition and I went back to finishing my essay’s bibliography. I paused and glanced around the room again, distracted. She was bent low, almost crouching […]

Blind in the Face of Glory

When I was in Korea last February, my uncle told me pickpocket stories of his travels. In one particular incident, he was traveling with a couple. While the three of them were in a subway station, a stranger came up to his friend and pointed out that he had some stuff on his pants. Sure […]