Monthly Archives: March 2016

Ethics and Existentialism

Is this the world you want? Because you’re making it, every day you’re alive. This refrain forms the chorus of Switchfoot’s song, “The World you Want?” Give it a listen. Sure, right now. I’ll wait. Later in the song, lead singer Jon Foreman proclaims, with the help of the Kuyasa kids, “What you say is […]

on where is my life a-goin’?

The past sixish weeks have been a flurry of traveling (six cities! and at least as many flights), job-deciding, and helpless-feeling in various configurations. Now where to next? is mostly sorted: I’ll be teaching at a school just outside San Francisco next year. San Francisco! It sounds very exciting and glamorous and all (more so […]

Lessons from my two years with Teach For Malaysia

Three Decembers ago, I wrote in my Teach For Malaysia application that I hoped to ‘make a difference, even if just a small difference to just a few students’, because ‘even a “just” can be invaluable’. This was just half true. I believed — and still do — that every person has incalculable worth. But […]