Monthly Archives: December 2015

Reminiscences on my Relationships Part II

It’s funny the little details you remember when you look back on things. The first time I saw my future wife I recall thinking to myself, “Wow! I sure hope she’s a freshman or a sophomore so I have time to get to know her.” I also noticed that she was wearing what I thought […]


It seems that in this holiday season, there are so many things to think, feel, and engage with. Both abroad and at home, we have terrorism, the fight for racial justice, refugee crises, climate change, and divisive political clamor. Grief, fear, anger, support, cynicism, apathy, confusion, and pride come crashing together from all sides. Personally, […]

The Storm Within

  Bay Academy – Brooklyn, NY: some time between 2002 and 2005 He came up to me and asked if he could touch my hair. I gave him a quizzical look. “Why?” “Well, one of the verses in Lil Wayne’s song says ‘tougher than Nigerian hair.’” We were in junior high. I’ve despised Lil Wayne […]