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All Is Not Fair in Love: Reminiscences on my Relationships up Till Now

I remember a basketball practice during eighth grade. In between layup lines and passing drills, one of my friends on the team was getting me mentally prepared for my first ever date. A week or so prior, I had been frantically tracing this girl around the field during P.E.—a girl who was ever so special […]

Why Jesus Would Protest with #BlackLivesMatter

Keelia: I am one of those non-black, light-skinned people who wants to “get it” when it comes to race in America. Until about age 20, the only understanding of race I had was from a ninth grade class about slavery, and my own musings about people’s appearances. I’m half Chinese and half white and I […]


When I first started following Jesus as a young teenager, my faith was overly simplistic.  Just like the paper and ink of my paperback Bible, my views were black and white.  My understanding of God was scripted; what I believed was almost entirely an adaptation of the views of the Christian authors I read and […]

When My Best Isn’t Enough

When I was in high school, I played tennis. I have so many great memories of playing with friends, whether it would be during practice, group lessons, or weeknights for fun. I also had a private coach with whom I took lessons multiple times a week, which was a lot of work but also a […]