Monthly Archives: October 2015

Throwing Sticks

One Sunday morning, I read a devotional on 2 Kings 6:1-7. The protagonist in this set of verses is Elisha, a prophet and successor of Elijah. From the moment Elisha met Elijah (I know it’s hard to keep these names straight), he would not let Elijah out of his sight because he knew Elijah was […]

Ethics and Everest

[Editor’s note: This post contains a spoiler about the movie Everest] Ever since I was twelve I have dreamed of climbing big mountains. But I’ve never seriously considered attempting to climb the biggest mountain. To consider Everest is to consider death. So, naturally, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about all of the […]

An Inconvenient Truth About Me

My husband, Chris, and I were talking with a friend the other night, and she asked why we “knew so many people.” I didn’t know how to respond. Because the truth is Chris and I are blessed with many friends, but acknowledging that felt arrogant, like we’re proud of climbing the social ladder or having […]

Teacher talk: day in, day out

“So can we just leave?” Our school internet was partially down, so I was having trouble screening the TED clip I’d planned for the last five minutes of class. Impatient, C wanted to know if they could ditch class early. I seethed inside. How rude, I wanted to say. I’ve put time and effort into preparing this lesson, so you should at least try to pretend like you care. I ignored her, but eventually dismissed the class a few minutes early.

Afterward I sat in my porch reading the news and eating [more Cheezits than are good for you], thoroughly discouraged. C was ‘the last straw’: so far at least. A good few weeks into this semester, I’d come back home nearly every day disheartened by my two 10th grade classes (although one’s a half-credit), both of which inevitably came at the end of my teaching day. I wondered, day after day: Why isn’t classroom magic happening? Why aren’t students lively and engaged, as is my 11th grade morning class nearly every day? Should I be trying harder? Why are they grumpy and slow? What is wrong with them? What is wrong with me? Who’s fault is it??? Is working this hard for seemingly small return worth it? Am I not supposed to be a teacher?? [insert other frustrated existential questions here] etcetera…