Monthly Archives: September 2015


I had an easy time selecting a major at Williams College.  I have always felt more at home studying the sciences, specifically biology, because each line of thought is rewarded with a definitive answer.  For example, discovering the unique profile of a cancerous tumor cell can yield answers about the kinds of therapy that can […]

Straight Path

Just last month, our family had a mini-reunion for my brother’s wedding. Like many, family is a mixed bag for me. Though I was glad to see them again, I dreaded having to deal with the differences that existed between each of us. Personalities. Ways we do life. What we like to talk about. How […]

Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic

Is it just me or is everyone getting married? I took a hiatus from Facebook and upon my return, it seemed like a decade had passed though it had only been a few years. While I am elated for my friends, it is difficult to ignore that others are embarking on paths of blissful matrimony […]


On a crisp October night a few years back I was strolling, unhurried, to the twenty-eight square feet of tent that was my domicile at the time. A golden, gibbous moon was my only travelling companion. It hung low and heavy in the northeast sky, dispersing elongated shadows of pines and maples and oaks as […]