Photograph by Hana Lehmann The Kairos Journal was meant to be a year-long endeavor to write about struggles that young Christians face. My co-bloggers and I are wrapping up now, but we’re obviously still questioning and struggling with all sorts of things. As proof, here’s my list of ideas that I didn’t get to write about […]

There’s a paradoxical hour each day when the definition and clarity of every object both animate and inanimate becomes muted and yet the color of the whole ether is intensified. There’s a dazzling warmth that permeates your field of vision and it seems almost as though the whole earth, after twelve-ish hours of daylight, is […]

(MoMA, New York, July 2016) I learned some teenage lingo hiking last week with ninth-graders in the Sierras: dab, harambe, bruh/cuh/fam. (“What if your teachers call each other bruh?” we inquired.) The college equivalent was perhaps “space”: my resident advisor once declaimed we were always deploying “space” for some idea-or-other. Storytelling and affinity groups necessitated space, […]

First off, I want to say thank you for having taken the time to read snippets of my thoughts over the last year. There are too many things to read these days and too many things telling us what to do, think, and feel. Some of those resonate with us, but many don’t. I hope […]

My friend Tricia, a veteran teacher, says she’s always nervous starting a new semester, and if you’re nervous you’re doing it right, because that means that you care. All the same, I knew she was trying to make me feel less nervous, and it didn’t really work.

I have found that people want those things which are near and dear to them to be well-understood and well-represented in public discourse. When people are talking about your favorite sports team, or travel location, or musical artist, you don’t care so much that they love that thing as much as you do—although certainly you […]

I almost picked the line “for purple mountain majesties,” as a nod to my undergrad alma mater, but realized “from sea to shining sea” also neatly evokes my east-to-west coast transplant this summer (San Francisco-bound!). So there. Somewhere midway through college, I decided I didn’t want to live in the US post-graduation. It was definitely […]